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The Lone Ranger
Volume Fifteen
Programs: 63 Time: 30 hrs, 30 min

The Masked Man Rides Again
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46-05-01 Bakersville Gazette
46-05-03 Crimson Prophet Part 1
46-05-06 Crimson Prophet Part 2
46-05-08 Spirit Valley
46-05-10 Honest Debts
46-05-13 The Weasel
46-05-15 Black Hood
46-05-17 Fear
46-05-20 North Star
46-05-22 Ranger and the Bull Whip
46-05-24 Cabin at Rocky Mountain
46-05-27 Judy and the Champ
46-05-29 Empty Saddles
46-05-31 The Silk Neckerchief
46-06-03 Law Man Pro Tem
46-06-05 The Saddle
46-06-07 Dry-Gulcher
46-06-10 The Trigger Kid's Nemesis
46-06-14 Boomerang Frame-Up
46-06-17 Lucy's Locket
46-06-19 Murder Man
46-06-21 The Parrot and the Sea Dog
46-06-24 A Killer Comes Home (Part 1)
46-06-26 A Killer Comes Home (Part 2)
46-06-28 Charlie's Justice
46-07-01 Evening in Deadwood
46-07-03 Uncle Barnaby
46-07-05 Dead Man's Justice
46-07-08 Dispatch Case
46-07-10 The Hidden Hand
46-07-12 Dawn Hanging
46-07-15 Food Shortage
46-07-17 Weight in Gold
46-07-19 Town Marshall
46-07-22 Drought and Death
46-07-24 The Right-of-Way
46-07-26 Barking Dog
46-07-29 Judge of Men
46-07-31 Twice Accused
46-08-02 Jane Walters' Promise
46-08-05 Quitters
46-08-07 Clash of Wills
46-08-09 Scene of the Crime
46-08-12 Homesteads on the Range
46-08-16 Too Much Law
46-08-19 Imposter
46-08-21 The Western Way
46-08-23 Stubborn Man
46-08-26 The Welcome Guest
46-08-28 The Cross-Roads
46-08-30 Four Friends
46-09-02 Long Drought
46-09-04 New Marshall
46-09-06 The Little Parson
46-09-09 Bank Guard
46-09-11 Property Rights
46-09-13 Wolf Hunters
46-09-18 Many-cave Mountain
46-09-23 Wagons West
46-09-25 The Old Lady Who Smoked
46-09-27 Trail To Danger
46-09-30 Death In The Tunnel
46-10-02 Devil's Deputy
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George Stenius - The Lone Ranger old time radio show.
George Stenius
as The Lone Ranger
Earle Graser - The Lone Ranger old time radio show.
Earle Graser
as The Lone Ranger
Brace Beemer - The Lone Ranger old time radio show.
Brace Beemer
as The Lone Ranger
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Actors who played the Lone Ranger

On radio, the Lone Ranger was played by several actors, including John L. Barrett who played the role on the test broadcasts on WEBR during early January, 1933; George Seaton (under the name George Stenius) from January 31 to May 9 of 1933; series director James Jewell and an actor known only by the pseudonym "Jack Deeds" (for one episode each), and then by Earle Graser from May 16, 1933 until April 7, 1941. On April 8, Graser died in a car accident, and for five episodes, as the result of being critically wounded, the Lone Ranger was unable to speak beyond a whisper, with Tonto carrying the action. Finally, on the broadcast of April 18, 1941, deep-voiced performer Brace Beemer, who had been the show's announcer for several years, took over the role and played the part until the end. Fred Foy, also an announcer on the show, took over the role on one broadcast on March 29, 1954, when Brace Beemer had a brief case of laryngitis. Tonto was played throughout the run by actor John Todd (although there were a few isolated occasions when he was substituted with Roland Parker, better known as Kato for much of the run of sister series The Green Hornet), and other supporting players were selected from Detroit area actors and studio staff. These included Jay Michael (who also played the lead on Challenge of the Yukon aka Sgt. Preston of the Yukon), Bill Saunders (as various villains, including Butch Cavendish), Paul Hughes (as the Ranger's friend Thunder Martin and as various army colonels and badmen), future movie star John Hodiak, Janka Fasciszewska (under the name Jane Fae), and others. The part of nephew Dan Reid was played by various child actors, including Bob Martin, James Lipton, and Dick Beals.

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